Dear all,

We have decided to cease operation of Focus4naturefor the time being and will not be running wildlife photography tours. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it is the proper one. The main reason is that we cannot provide the high quality administrative service necessary prior the tours – i.e. correspondence, pre tour info etc. The start of F4N, three years ago, coincided with a boom of work at my original company Spatia Wildlife, based in Bulgaria. This together with the family commitments made it physically impossible for me to cope with all the work at F4N.

Additionally we got our ATOL bonding through the Travel Trust Association (TTA) which proved to be extremely bureaucratic, slow and irrelevant structure and has effectively delayed payments to suppliers, tour leaders and other services and it was very time consuming. It is amazing that in modern and leading state like the UK one can get such poor services as the TTA provides.

A very big thank to all of you who have joined our tours, it was our pleasure. Many thanks to all our leaders who have provided their knowledge, contacts, time and efforts to make it happen, especially to Ashley Grove. The biggest thank you no doubt goes to Mike Lane who really stood up behind the project from the very beginning, until the end with his name and also knowledge, contacts, time etc. Thank you Mike.

Anyway, for the moment we have stopped, but I am looking forward to the future and once we have the necessary capacity I can imagine restarting this project we have put so much effort, time and dreams into it. In the meantime Ashley will keep running the very successful tours to Gambia - so you may join him there.

And if you are interesting in Bulgaria and the wildlife photography opportunities here please visit Beside the year round photography in Bulgaria, at the moment we are also offering a really unique trip to the Wrangel Island in the Russia Arctic

Sincerely yours,

Grippa Beanbag