About us

Focus4nature was founded in September 2010 (Company Number -  7362853, Given at Companies House, Cardiff, on 1st September 2010) and aims to offer the best in wildlife photography tours.  This means visiting the best destinations in the world, offering all inclusive packages, including the air travel components, and having best in class leaders who can successfully lead tours as well as provide photographic advice and tuition.  Focus4nature also aims to offer excellent tour organisation, so clients and leaders can focus on the photography rather than being concerned with logistics.  Our overriding aim is to put the subjects that you want to photograph in front of you!

The founders and directors of the company are Dobromir Domuschiev and Neil Thompson.

Dobromir is Bulgarian and has run his own very successful wildlife and photography tour business in Bulgaria since 2005,  Dobromir is an excellent birder and an up and coming photographer and butterfly expert. He is also very involved with conservation issues in his home country.  See Dobromir’s full profile here.

Neil worked in the electronics and computer industry for 25 years before turning to photography and wildlife tour leading in 2006, turning his hobbies into a livelihood. He is particularly interested in butterflies and has been volunteering for Butterfly Conservation in a variety of roles since 2005.  See Neil’s full profile here.

It is very important to Dobry and Neil as committed conservationists that focus4nature is an environmentally sound, sustainable business.  Focus4nature aims to be at as much as possible carbon neutral and to put some of its profits into nature and wildlife conservation, research and education.

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