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Raised in the countryside, Nick was hooked on wildlife from an early age. Graduating with a degree in Biology he set out on a career in conservation and has worked for both the Wildlife Trust and the RSPB for whom he is currently a Site Manager. He has also been involved in volunteering in his little spare time. He has also spent time abroad mostly in East Africa working on interpretation projects.

Nick only took up photography relatively recently and is still an amateur though he already thrives on the creativity and planning that goes into the best wildlife images. He understands the technical aspects of the shot and the elements of a good picture and has been running popular workshops on these aspects of wildlife photography for the last few years.

Committed to a full time job and a young family Nick is not the most prolific photographer but has his fair share of images published in books, magazines and on interpretation panels etc. He is also an active member of his local speaker circuit and offers talks to wildlife and photography groups.

Despite travelling the globe and capturing memorable images of wildlife from Europe, Africa and Australia Nick is never happier than when he is in Scotland. Whether it’s a remote Shetland island stalking otters or at the peaks of a highland mountain after ptarmigan Nick will have a smile on his face!

Working with elusive and shy subjects often in remote places Nick understands that comfort is an important element in encouraging patience. That’s why on his tours you’ll be sure that a hot flask and box of biscuits will always be in the kit bag!

More about Nick and his wildlife photography you can find on his web-site:

Grippa Beanbag