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Ashley was brought up in the Warwickshire countryside, where it was hard not to develop a keen interest in wildlife, especially birds. Those early years of birding gave him a real advantage when he turned wildlife photographer in 2005. "I think you need to know your subject to get the right shot and would like to think that the images I produce show my understanding of each species that is not only to get a good crisp image, but to show the subject in its environment, behaving naturally." Ashley gets a great deal of pleasure from the natural world and being able to share that with others through his work and inspiring others to get out and take a look for themselves is what motivates him. Being a supporter of Birdlife Malta, Ashley has donated a lot of images, many being used to promote their work. More of his pictures have been published elsewhere, Birdwatch magazine for example. Borneo, Gambia, Finland and France have all been photography destinations for Ashley over recent times, with many other destinations lined up for the near future. Although wildlife photography makes up 90% of Ashley's work, he has good all round experience with cameras, having previously worked as a commercial photographer, he still keeps his hand in with this kind of work as well as wedding, sports and studio photography. Volunteering for the RSPB for nearly 12 years now, he has years of experience leading groups of people on wildlife walks and events, additionally doing work with the National Trust. Participants on Ashley's events often often talk about 'sixth sense', nothing escapes his highly tuned eyes and ears. Ashley has gained a great reputation on the talk's circuit over the last couple of years and always gets invited back to speak again by the delighted groups. You can see examples of Ashley's work on his website -

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