The competition is now closed, thank you very much to all of you who have participated. The winners will be announced on 10th May 2011. 

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Here is focus4nature’s questionnaire. Although our knowledge of today’s wildlife photographer is considerable owing to our and our leaders’ experience, we believe there is always room for improving what we offer in terms of the ultimate in wildlife photography tours. The answers to the questionnaire will help us to improve the overall quality of our tours – which is very important to us at focus4nature and to develop the future tours according to your prefferences.

If you have half an hour free time and would like to have the chance to win one of the two prizes, please complete the questionnaire, giving also your name and contact details (telephone and e-mail) and send it to us via e-mail or post.

All respondents who meaningfully answer all of the questions will be included in a draw for the two prizes.

There will be two winners, each winning one prize. Each prize is a five days photo break, worth over 1,110 pounds, focused on the Dalmatian pelicans at Lake Kerkini in Greece and one additional day spent in a passerine hide in Bulgaria where regular visitors are Hawfinches, Sombre Tit, Great Spotted and possibly Grey-headed Woodpecker, etc. The tour is fully inclusive, incl. flight ticket, so no extra costs for you unlike many other competitions. It is restricted to the 2 winners plus 1 winner from our competition with Birds and Art Photography magazine, so 3 photographers plus the tour leader.

The tour prize includes flights (economy) from London airport to Sofia (Bulgaria) and return (EasyJet or Wizz Air), accommodation in double room (single if winners are of different sexes), full board, ground transport and local experienced, English speaking guide.

Not included is the transfer to London airport (Luton or Gatwick) and stay overnight near the airport (if necessary), travel insurance, alcohol and items of personal nature.

The competition deadline is 30th April 2011. The draw will take place on 10th May 2011. The winners will be informed privately by email or telephone within 72 hours; if they are in agreement their names will appear on our web-site (e.g. Mr. Smith of Manchester).

Terms and conditions:

The competition is open for UK citizens only.

The prize is unchangeable, with no option to be transferred to somebody else.

Full name, address, phone and e-mail attached to every returned questionnaire.

The decision is final, no objections will be considered.

Competition closes at midnight on the 30th of April 2011.

THE PRIZE - A photography tour focused on two of the most attractive and least photographed European birds.

Dalmatian Pelicans and Hawfinches photography

Monday 17th - Friday 21st January 2012

One of the heaviest flying birds in Europe is the Dalmatian Pelican. It has a very restricted distribution in the south-east corner of the continent and not every photographer or birder has even seen one, especially in the breeding season when the birds are really striking. Despite being heavy the Dalmatians are surprisingly elegant when gliding just a half an inch above the water surface, or when soaring high in the sky. They are equally attractive on the water. The adults are especially beautiful in January as they gain their breeding plumage and the lower mandible turns an intensive red. One of the best places to photograph them is Lake Kerkini in Greece, where thanks to our local knowledge we can get excellent opportunities to photograph these impressive birds. Here we can also expect to photograph flamingos, Pygmy Cormorant and Great White Egret. After the pelicans we will spend a day in a hide near Sofia where we feed the smaller birds. There is a small flock of Hawfinches which are daily visitors and we can expect Sombre Tit, possibly Grey-headed and Syrian woodpeckers, as well as common species such as Brambling, Nuthatch, Willow Tit and Tree Sparrow.


Day 1

Flight from London (Luton or Gatwick ) to Sofia, Bulgaria. Transfer to Greece and accommodation for two nights in a small family hotel.

Day 2

All day photography around Kerkini Lake – Dalmatian Pelicans, White Pelicans, Pigmy Cormorant.

Day 3

Morning session around the lake, then afternoon transfer back to Bulgaria, about 60 km east of Sofia. Accommodation for two nights in local hotel.

Day 4

All day photography in the passerine hide – Hawfinch, woodpeckers, Sombre Tit, Nuthatch, Brambling etc.

Day 5

One hour transfer for your flight back home. Departure.


Additional information:

Clothes: Warm clothes and boots, hat, gloves etc are necessary.

Physical conditions: Very easy walking is required to get close to the pelicans and the passerines hide.

Equipment: At least 300mm lens, plus converter for the passerines hide. Stable tripod is must.

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Below you can find the questions. If you decide to participate in the competition and you are willing the fill in the questionairrie you can download it as file here, filled in and e-mail it back to us at together with your contact details: name, address, e-mail and phone number.


1. How long have you been doing wildlife photography?

2. Are you a member of a camera club?

3. Are you are member of the Royal Photographic Society?

4. Is your photography done purely as an amateur, semi-professionally or as a full time professional?

5. What is the longest lens you own?

6. Would you be interested in hiring lenses or camera bodies from Focus4nature while on our tour?

7. Which new destination would you like to go to for wildlife photography?

8. Which destination where you have photographed wildlife would you like to return to?

9. Which subjects would you go on a tour for?

  • Birds

  • Mammals

  • Insects

  • Flowers

  • Landscapes

10. Where have you been on a wildlife photography tour organized by a tour company?

11. How many wildlife photography tours have you been on so far?

12. Where do you want to go where nobody or very few people have been to?

13. How many trips do you plan doing next year?

14. What are your preferences – make the most out of a tour or a more leisurely itinerary?

15. Would you prefer a higher standard of accommodation (at higher costs) or more basic at lower costs?

16. Are you interested in roughing it to get to better locations for wildlife photography?

17. What group size are you most interested in? Bigger group with lower costs or smaller group with higher costs?

18. What is your preferred tour length?

  • 7 days

  • 10 days

  • 14 days

  • 21 days or more

19. Would you take your-non photographer partner to:

  • A wildlife photography holiday

  • A custom extension

20. Would you consider a wildlife photography tour, involving a self drive vehicle?

21. How far you are prepared to walk to get to the hide or the subject?

  •  100 m

  • 1000 m

  • 5000 m

22. Do you enjoy hide work? For how many hours per day?

23. Are you interested in captive wildlife photography tours, such as the American game farms for Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, Puma, etc?

24. Would you be interested in classroom wildlife photography theory workshops?

25. If yes, can you please list 3 subjects you would want to learn about?

26. How important is tuition to you on wildlife photography tours?

  • Not important

  • Medium

  • Very important

  • Important, but only for certain subjects

27. Can you list 3 subjects on which you would like to get tuition while on wildlife photography tour?

28. How important are wildlife photography ethics to you?

29. How important are the green features of the tour?

30. Which magazines do you read:

  • BBC Wildlife magazine

  • Bird Art and Photography

  • Outdoor Photographer

  • Iris

  • Birdwatch

  • None

31. What improvement would you like to see made to our web-site?

32. Where did you hear about focus4nature?

Thank you for your time.

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