Photo cruises

Some of the most difficult wildlife subjects to access are found on islands far out at sea or on inaccessible coastlines. Access by boat is the only way to get close to birds and mammals that are often some of the most exciting and numerous on the planet. Many of the destinations we will visit are amongst the worlds’ most spectacular and beautiful.

Focus4nature will run cruises to many of the world’s best locations for wildlife photography.  We will run trips to remote places such as Svalbard, Antarctica, New Zealand and Galapagos as well as more local trips. All the cruises will be based around photography first and foremost and the boat crew’s job will be to get us close to where we want to go.  Fellow passengers will all be equally keen and like-minded wildlife photographers.

 Once on board life on a ship can have many benefits as we leave modern day hassles behind us and concentrate only on the wildlife that abounds. Working from boats is not without its problems, but also has many advantages and rewards.

As soon as we are ready with our wildlife photography cruises we will have them available on our web site. If you are interested in some of these let us know please and we will e-mail you all the tour details once they are ready.