The island of Tasmania is located off the south east corner of mainland Australia with huge areas of remaining wilderness and wild country. Where else can you find an island with over one third of its territory protected as World Heritage sites, National Parks and reserves? This unique tour is aimed at wildlife photographers and we will visit some prime sites for photography of the wealth of marsupials plus Tasmania’s 12 endemic bird species. 

This tour has been organised to take place at the prime time for photography of wildlife in Tasmania, the Spring. Much of the wildlife is remarkably habituated to people so allowing a close approach.

During the tour you should see and photograph plenty of marsupials including Tasmanian Devil, Forester Kangaroo, Bennett’s Wallaby, Tasmanian Pademelon, Common Wombat, Spotted-tailed and Eastern Quolls, Brush-tailed Possum and possibly Platypus, Echidna (captive); as well as endemic birds such as Tasmanian Native Hen, Yellow Wattlebird, Green Rosella and Yellow-throated Honeyeater. Other birds should include White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Azure Kingfisher and many others.

Join Dave Watts who knows all the best sites to gather remarkable images of Tasmania’s iconic wildlife.